Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cycling Again

Yay! 6 weeks post surgery and I'm able to ride a bike again. I put on my old TEVA sandals and just took a nice leisurely ride. M is just back from Canada and wanted to go for an easy 3 mile run so I thought I'd follow him on the bike. I gave him a head start and then caught up with him around the 1st mile. Then I went down to the turn around and headed back to M. He said he changed his mind (surprise!) and was going to run around the block. So I back tracked and went around to the other side of the block and took in a side road too. He beat me home but I got in 6.44 miles to his 4.

It really shouldn't have been a surprise that my "injured" leg, the one that has hauled around a 4 pound boot for 6 weeks, was stronger than my "good" leg. I guess I should have followed up on my joke and wore an ankle weight on my right foot so that everything balanced out. ;)

My sis-in-law got a new Apple iPad and brought it to Sunday dinner. She wanted to demo the facetime feature of it so I suggested that she call my daughter. You should have seen my mother-in-law's face light up when she saw Katie on the screen! I think she was ready run out and buy an iPad on the spot! LOL! SIL showed MIL how to easy it is to use a lot of the features and MIL was running through all the APPS in no time. I will give Apple credit, they've made it easy to use.

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