Monday, May 28, 2012

Chickening Out

After serious consideration I think I am going to "chicken out" of any serious workouts this week. Cycling is out because I'm afraid that if I'm out there somewhere and have to stop suddenly I'm going to mess up my foot. Yeah I can take the cell phone with me, but it's still going to be complicated to call someone to come get me and haul the bike back too. As to the swimmming yes, I know someone would be right there. But 56 years of swimming has produced some motions that are just automatic. I've thought of swimming with fins on to prevent pushing off with the toes, but what if I do anyway? I think the foot is strong enough it won't "break" but it would probably be very sore. I have a lot of watering of plants and feeding of animals that HAVE to be done. Once M is back then he could handle those chores if I couldn't do it. So I think I've talked myself out of it. The weather is supposed to break today, so tomorrow I can get on the exercycle and do a couple miles.

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